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Sri Lankan Drums - අපේ බෙර

රන්වල බලකාය ඕස්ට්‍රලියාවේ මෙල්බර්න් නගරයේ ඉදිරිපත් කල සංදර්ශනය Higlights from...

How to Make Sri Lankan Traditional Drums

Documentary film about the Sri Lankan Traditional Drums.

Sri Lanka Traditional Drum and Dance Performance - Part 1/2

Performance at Kandy Cultural Center, December 2014. Highlights of traditional drumming and dancing, Sri Lankan style.

Rhythms of Sri Lanka Temple Drum Duet

Rhythms of Sri Lanka, Australian Tour 2006. Temple Drums (Thummatum in Sinhalese) belong to the Sabaragamu region in Sri Lanka. They are traditionally ...

Srilankan traditional drumming

Sri Lankan traditional drumming Maestro Ravi bandhu at a reheasal with students.

Amazing Traditional Drums Sri Lanka - Old Anandians

Amazing Traditional Drums Sri Lanka - Old Anandians.

Sri Lankan Traditional Drumming by Behri

Hotel Californiya Song Sri Lankan Traditional Drum Ttyle

Traditional Drumming - Sri Lanka

Collaboration of Gamelan and Sri Lankan traditional Drums 3

Sound recording of the closing sequence for 'Ruukada Golek' - a pioneering collaboration between the leading artists of Indonesia and Sri Lanka enabled by ...