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Third Exodus Assembly Singers Song Lyric and Music Download

Third Exodus Assembly- Our God is here- Grace and Meda Ellis & Singers

1ST vrs In these darkest of times, you can reach out to Him In those trying moments, when the future looks grim That's when you can call Him on the scene and ...

Third Exodus Assembly-Though we are tested- Donna Wallace and singers

We walk by faith and not by sight Our. eyes look to the unseen The Lord Jesus Christ For He has promised That we will reign with him But the pathway to glory is ...

Third Exodus Assembly-Grace and Meda Ellis- Viuva sem nada / Widow with nothing

There was nothing left Just a little bit of oil That was all she had Her situation looked hopeless Life seemed empty The fire that she had was gone and she could ...

Our God Is Tremendous- Sis Elizabeth Bishop & Choir, Third Exodus Assembly

LYRICS When I'm in need, I call on the Lord And He hears me, yes He helps me He is faithful, and true, won't forget His own My Companion, my best friend, The ...

Meda Ellis - The feast of the overcomers - La fiesta de los vencedores - Third Exodus Assembly

Sis Meda Ellis & Saints. Third Exodus Assembly.

Year Of Jubilee - Third Exodus Assembly

This Is The Year Of Jubilee.

I Want To Go - Sis Maria Bramble, Third Exodus Assembly

I Want To Go - Sis Maria Bramble, Third Exodus Assembly.

Third Exodus Assembly - Arise, Posses Your Inheritance

This video is about 04 Arise, Posses Your Inheritance 24.02.13 Songs That Live.