Suresh Peters Minnal Tamil Pop Album Song Lyric and Music Download

Suresh Peters Minnal Mughilena Mazhaiyena wmv YouTube 2

Suresh Peters (Minnal) - Mughilena Mazhaiyena.wmv

From Suresh Peters' album 'Minnal' (1994).

Vaa Maaney - MINNAL - Suresh Peter.wmv

Da song i was looking for much , but nvr find in the video in anywhr and not even the song... So. i have juz edited it to view it with the video. Hope you guys enjoy ...

Minnal - Ithu vaanam sindhum - Suresh Peters

One of the most unforgettable songs from late 90's. From Album - Minnal by Suresh Peters.

Suresh Peters (Oviyam) - Iyarkaiyin.wmv

From Suresh Peters' album 'Oviyam' (1996).

Suresh Peters (Minnal) - Ithu Vaanam Sindhum.wmv

From Suresh Peters' album 'Minnal' (1994).