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Poor Wayfaring Stranger Jay Althouse Song Lyric and Music Download

Poor Wayfaring Stranger arr. Jay Althouse

Sung during Private Vocal as practice. Messed up a few times but I like my tone quality towards the end.

Wayfaring Stranger by Althouse

AJ & Bailey Docter singing at 2013 WMEA State Solot & Ensemble Competition.

Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Piano Accompaniment.

poor wayfaring stranger.

Brandywine Middle School Solo And Ensomble. Abby Schroeder[:

Poor Wayfaring Stranger-Jay Althouse

Vocal Solo performed by Tabatha Hommel Wrangell High School Choir.

Wayfaring Stranger (piano accompaniment)

Poor Wayfaring Stranger high key accompaniment

Anna Herrington, age 13 - Poor Wayfaring Stranger, arranged by Jay Althouse

Jensen Packianathan Singing Poor Wafaring Stranger - Recital - Song 1

Jensen Singing Poor Wafaring Stranger arr. Jay Althouse.

Poor Wayfaring Stranger by Jay Althouse