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Nepali Jesus Songs Song Lyric and Music Download

Nepali Christian Songs Collection 1

I tried to collect some of the Nepali Christian songs. If you have any suggestions or comments please leave me.

new nepali christian songs collection

Jesus love u.

Chamma chamma nachaula/ Nepali Christian song by Dinesh & Aminsara

Mero Jeevan ko By Micheal Sinha || Micheal Sinha || Nepali Christian Child song

Michael Sinha is the youngest Nepali Christian singer. He has no school, but his father gives him every knowledge at home. So, he can write songs in both ...

Bijhaune kanda New Nepali Christian Song

more video:

Nepali Christian Song by Anju Panta (Haso Khushi Umanga Ma)

Nepali Dance Christian Song (Anju Panta) Nepali Dance Christian Song (Anju Panta) Nepali Dance Christian Song (Anju Panta) Nepali Dance Christian Song ...

Nepali Christian Worship Songs

Jesus Loves U.

nepali jesus song

photos of friends..... to remember the specially.

Lydia Rai - Jukebox 2016 | Nepali Christian Songs Collection

Lydia Rai is the nightingale of the Nepali Christian Musical world, birthed out by the Voice of Shalom. She is now very instrumental in singing gospel songs and ...

Tapaiko Anugraha Le - Santosh Tirwa | Christian Persecution Song | Nepali Christian Song 2015

Song - Tapaiko Anugrahale Vocal - Santosh Tirwa Lyrics & Music - Ramesh Ale Album - Pran Bhanda Prayo Music Arranger - Gopal Rasaily Director - Bhupen ...