Leslie Phillips Ding Dong Song Lyric and Music Download

Leslie Phillips Casanova 73 - Ding Dong!

Classic BBC TV Sitcom, Casanova 73', stars Leslie Phillips as the philandering Henry Newhouse. Now, for the first time on DVD, audiences can once again ...

Leslie Phillips - Ding Dong!

Leslie Philips - Ding Dong!

Joanna Lumley as Leslie Phillip's secretary in lift scene

Or 'how to get a government contract'. Carry-on style classic British comedy farce about Government corruption, taken from the 1973 film 'Don't Just Lie there ...

The I Say Team

The I Say Team My homage to the A-Team and to some fine British bounders. This video started off as an animated gif on www.b3ta.com, but due to a very kind ...

Miss Allcock.....Ding Dong!

Carry on Nurse

Lesley Philips classic line "ding dong you're not wrong"

Five Minutes With: Leslie Phillips

In a series for the BBC News website, Celebrities and news-makers are grilled by Matthew Stadlen in precisely five minutes. In this video, Matt talks to Leslie ...

Shreddies: Ding Dong (Knitted by Nanas)

UK Shreddies commercial to launch the new scrumptious recipe. This one features a resurrection of the nanas and a rather charming fellow in a convertible that ...

1978 Black Tower Wine featuring Leslie Phillips

1978 Black Tower Wine.