Jimmy Quidd Firing Song Song Lyric and Music Download
House M.D. - The firing song [Extended]


House M.D. - The firing song

Guitar played in House MD S409 - The firing song

"Sounds folky" Song played at the end of season 4 ep9. The firing song. - A Hugh Laurie composition.

Jimmy Quidd (Jim Moskowitz) - the firing song

Ca fait plus de 20 ans que ça existe ... Dr House - Season 4_09.

House - "Sounds Folky"

This is the song used in the "Sounds Folky" episode of house. This is an original composition by Hugh Laurie. http://www.mediafire.com/?mwdhzvylmoq.

The Firing Song - House M.D. cover (Jesús Bravo)

Cover de la canción, original de la serie "House M.D." y compuesta por Hugh Laurie. Folk en pijama.

Guitar played in House MD S409 - "firing song duo"

Improved a little on my first post, worked out the correct tuning and got my Brother-in-law to help out.

The Firing Song

Cover de "The Firing Song"

The Firing Song - Dr. House, no recuerdo el capitulo pero es donde despiden a Amber o algo asi xD el punto es que esta buena la canción xD.