Indonesia Folk Song Song Lyric and Music Download

Bengawan Solo - Indonesian Folk song

The River Solo meanders in serene villages in Indonesia. This folk song permeates many entertainment establishments and karaoke joints in Southeast Asia.

My favorite Indonesian folk song

This guy is my hero, if Iwan Fals doesn't make you cry then you have a heart of stone. I don't sing his songs very well but i do love them. Here is one of my ...

Indonesia Folk Song at Jakarta Classical Concert Hall

Hati Memuji (The Heart Praises) - A famous Indonesian Folk Song - Sung and Played by Stanley Power

I am re-claiming this song on the behalf of the Indonesian Nation. Many Indonesians dont even know this is their own folk song. That shows how badly they are ...

Dayung Sampan(Indonesian folk song)

Dayung Sampan(Indonesian folk song)台灣由鄧麗君翻唱為"甜蜜蜜"

dayung sampan(Indonesian Folk Song), tian mimi甜蜜蜜

tian mimi甜蜜蜜,one of teresa teng popular song,is based from dayung sampan an indonesian folk song , here's the LYRIC Dayung sampan Naik sampan ...

Indonesian Traditional Songs "Mixed"

This is just a few songs from so many traditional songs in Indonesia, in so many different traditional language. Random picture grabed from google search, ...

Shi Li : "YAMKO RAMBE YAMKO" from "four Indonesian folk melodies" for Ensemble

The Soloist of the Symphonia Vienna Indonesia Tour 2012 the last encore january 14th,2012 - Aula Simfonia jakarta.