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FPE-TV Digitech The Weapon - Sitar Sound Effect

FPETV Digitech The Weapon - Sitar Sound Effect guitar pedal.

Sound Effect - Sitar

シタールでご登場(効果音) Sitar Make an Entrance Sound Effect

インドの民族楽器シタールの音色で、はらり落ちる下降音階を、共鳴弦含めてかき鳴らす効果音です。Gumroad で購入できます。Buy This Sound Effect...

Chef's Sitar (sound design)

Showcasing an ITB Sitar patch I made with the Fractal Audio Axe-FX II. A spicy dish best served with lots of tandoori, yoghurt and papadums. So without any ...

Relaxing sitar music Ravi Shankar

I do not own this** Beautiful sitar music played by Ravi Shankar. Enjoy! Rest in peace Ravi Shankar. You were a gift to the world.

Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar guitar pedal

Welcome to Electro-Harmonix "Effectology" series, in which we create a remarkable collection of impossible sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect ...

4 Hours of Best Relaxing Music - Indian Sitar Tantra (Indian instrumental sounds)

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Ravi Shankar Yehudi Menuhin Sitar Violin Duet

The beauty of violin is that its sound match with other instruements and gives same effect ..

Making Sitar Sounds on Regular Ass Guitar!

In all fairness, I copped this from Knut Reiersrud. I hope he don't get mad!

Sitar Mania by Ashwin Batish fusion of Samba and Indian Music

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