Holding A Heart Toby Lightman Song Lyric and Music Download

Toby Lightman - Holding a heart -HD-

I've heard the song on The Vampire Diaries, searched for it, but didn't find a lyrics video... so I made one! hope you like! I really love the lyrics though :)

Girl Named Toby - Holding A Heart (with lyrics on screen)

I OWN NOTHING!! Holding A Heart by Girl Named Toby :)

"Holding A Heart" by Girl Named Toby

ALL RIGHTS GO TO TOBY LIGHTMAN! Image found on: Google Image Lyrics: Breathe in, hold it hold it Go on, begin To let go, cause there's no Reason I'm ...

Toby Lightman's Song HOLDING A HEART on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES & 90210

Toby Lightman's "Holding A Heart" featured on 90210, One Tree Hill & The Vampire Diares. The song was originally featured on Girl Named Toby's EP 'We Are'.

Toby Lightman - Holding a Heart (Moseqar Remix)

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Toby Lightman "Holding a Heart"

Toby Lightman CBGB Festival The Living Room October 11, 2013 http://www.tobylightman.com/

Toby Lightman - "Holding A Heart" (Stripped Version)

A stripped down version of the beloved song by Toby Lightmnan.

[Vocal Chilled Trap] Toby Lightman - Holding a Heart (Moseqar remix)

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Toby Lightman - Holding a Heart (Moseqar Remix)

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Toby Lightman - Holding a Heart LIVE

Live from Jammin Java Oct 5, 2013. Performing Holding a Heart which was featured on One Tree Hill, 90210, Vampire Diaries, Switched at Birth and more!