Flute Poem John Cacavas Song Lyric and Music Download

Flute Poem

Chi-Jen Chang: Flute Poem for flute solo Tsung-Hsien Pan--Flute May 17, 2009, Kobe Japan.

Shimmering Flutes

The Flute ensemble from the Golden Eagle Concert Band. This is Shimmering Flutes by John Cacavas.

Cubicle Land Who's Who: Cubicle Rat (HWW Parody)

"Flute Poem" (John Cacavas): Fair Dealing (parody use--Bill-C-11, 2012)."Sometimes Remember" Fiftymen (McNally/Gibbon). Bandcamp link: ...

'Summertime' as a trio for flutes (John Cacavas)

An old recording of 2008 I found on my computer. At the time I did not think it was good enough to upload. It is not perfectly synchronised, but sweet enough to ...

Fun & Easy Flute Trios

Andrea Pelloquin, Lauren Bantz and Noelle Chave of Hal Leonard demonstrate "Yankee Doodle Boy" from the Hal Leonard Solo & Ensemble Series title "Fun ...

Love and Marriage on flute

Me playing the themesong from the TV-show "Married with children" as a trio on flute with myself and I. The arrangement is from John Cacavas.

Litiaj Flute Trio: Shimmering Flutes

The Litiaj Flute Trio performs Shimmering Flutes. Composed by John Cacavas. Check us out on the web at: litiaj.googlepages.com.

Poem For Flute

Rachel Rodgers performs Poem for Flute by Charles T. Griffes. www.rachelrodgersmusic.com.