Erika German Marching Song Song Lyric and Music Download

Erika - famous german marching song of WW2

This video was not made by myself - i just uploaded it to share it with you people. This is one nice song and it is sad, that people are forgetting them :( I would ...

Erika --- (Marschlied) (Hi-Fi)

Herms Niel, 1939 Erika is the other Name for the "Flower of the Heath," known as "Heather"(Genus Erica), which is from whence the Ladies' Names come from.

German Nazi Song Erika with English Subtitles

Erika (or Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein) is a marching song of the German military. The song was composed by Herms Niel in the 1930s, and it soon ...

Erika English Subtitled

Credit to Deutsches Vaterland who decided to close his channel Video verwendet (Video used in making): Inglourious Basterds Hitlerjunge Salomon ... ganzer ...



WW2 GERMAN MARCHING SONG - ERIKA - (original lyrics)

Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein und das heißt: Erika. Heiß von hunderttausend kleinen Bienelein wird umschwärmt Erika denn ihr Herz ist voller ...

German Military March - Erika (HQ)

Waffen SS, Wehrmacht and Chilean Army march.

March song of the Waffen SS

Wehrmacht - Erika

What a great song, isnt it. Video done, atleast i hope so, with a good taste, not to forget humor!

Erika best quality WW2 Watch Erika Instrumental version Clear sound (best quality) Auf der Heide ...