Death Drums Music Tamilnadu Song Lyric and Music Download
Don't Forget To Watch this Video Amazing Video Tamilnadu Death Dance by a little boy

Amazing Videos "Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm" “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” “Dream big and ...

death dance in chennai.mp4

philosophy of life.

Thappu Melam

Best Street Drummers In Bangalore

watch this best drummers played before immersion of Ganesha in HAL 2 Stage.

Drums played in a death ceremony at Tamil Nadu Village

Tamilnadu village style drums played for a death. Overnight, the music was played and you can see the people in asleep mode even they hear the fantastic ...

Tamil Death Music (Saavu Beat)

6 mins loop enjoy 100% pure Tamil Death Music :D.

Parai Drumming.flv

The parai is a frame drum about 35 centimeters in diameter. It consists of a shallow ring of wood, covered on one side with a stretched cow hide that is glued to ...

Tamil Dappankuthu/Kuthu Drum Beat #1

How to play a simple Tamil Dappankuthu/Kuthu Beat. Thanks for watching. I used Remo Roto Toms.

Vaniyambadi(elrapatti) thappu melam rocks in thindlu village

Mindblowing performance.

The Quint: The Drummers who Give Tamil Nadu’s Election its Rhythm

The Gramiya Kalai Kuzhu (Village Arts Group) is a band of twenty men, who play the 'thappu' (traditional drum) at election rallies. Magizhan runs the group.