Ant Farm Theme Song Song Lyric and Music Download

Ant Farm Theme Song (Exceptional) HD Disney's New Show "Ant Farm"'s theme song! "Exceptional" Performed By China ...

China Anne McClain - Exceptional (Full Song) Lyrics Video HD

Exceptional is the theme song for A.N.T. Farm and is on the A.N.T. Farm Soundtrack China Anne McCl.

A.N.T Farm (Season 3) Theme Song

New Theme Song for the new season of A.N.T Farm!

Ant Farm Theme Song With Lyrics

This show is pretty cute. I LOVE China Anne McClain! I hope Disney gets her a record deal to. I love her voice. :D I think Shake It Up is more funny, but this show ...

A.N.T. Farm Theme Song - China Anne McClain - Music Video - Disney Channel Official

China Anne McClain performs the A.N.T. Farm theme song! Want more video online? For FULL LENGTH EPISODES of Disney Channel shows visit http://www.

A.N.T. Farm - Theme Song - Season 3 (Reversed)

A.N.T. Farm - Theme Song - Season 3 (Reversed) in HD I don't own the TV programme, xoxlilchicxox.

A.N.T. Farm - Special Halloween - Theme Song (HD 720p)

A.N.T. Farm - Special Halloween - Theme Song HD 720p Episode 14 - MutANT Farm It's Chyna's first day in the "MUTANT Program", where the ANTs and ...

Chipmunk Farm Theme Song (A.N.T. farm theme song)

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ANT Farm: Exceptional -theme song- (Lyrics)

Chyna Park (China Anne McClain) - Exceptional "Special" (A.N.T. Farm // influANTces)

Chyna Park (China Anne McClain) sings a special version of "Exceptional", also known as the theme song of A.N.T. Farm. This song was featured to be in the ...