Amharic Mezmur Song Lyric and Music Download

"Addisu Fiterete" Kaleb Goa Ft. Asegid Abebe New Amharic Mezmur 2016[HD]

"Addisu Fiterete" Kaleb Goa New Amharic Mezmur 2016[HD] Share, Like and Subscribe for More Follow us on Facebook- ...

Kefa Mideksa "Man Neber Kego'ne" New Amharic Mezmur 2016

Kefa Mideksa New Amharic Mezmur - "Man Neber Kego'ne" Share, Like and Subscribe for more For any question or concern email me at ...

Amharic Mezmur 2007 Mskerem Getu Selamta wedebeta geba

Teddy Tadesse New Amharic Mezmur 2016- Alzenegahutim

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Abenezer Tagesse "KIBRE NEW" ክብሬ ነው New Amharic Mezmur 2016

I have been really blessed by this song. Gods love for us more than we deserve and it is because of his love we are still here. Think of gods love for you as you ...

Samuel T Michael New Amharic Mezmur 2016 BESIRAW- በስራው

Samuel T Michael New Song 2016- Besiraw Share, Like and SUbscribe For any question, concernr or claim email me @

Wubalem and Mengistu New Amharic Mezmur 2016- Ale Geta/አለ ጌታ

New Amharic Mezmur By Wubalem and Mengistu- Ale geta / አለ ጌታ Share, Like and Subscribe.

"Tewedijalehu" - Kiddy Kassa - New Amazing Amharic Protestant Mezmur 2016 (Official Audio)

"Tewedijalehu" - Kiddy Kassa - New Amazing Amharic Protestant Mezmur 2016 (Official Audio) Follow us on Facebook:- ...