Alex Haley Roots Soundtrack Song Lyric and Music Download

Roots - opening credits - Alex Hayley

The opening credits to the TV series Roots, based on the book by Alex Hayley.

Alex Haley's - Queen (Episode 1) [1993]

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Roots 2016 Soundtrack Main Theme

Roots 2016 Main Theme.

The Boy and the Crocodile

An animated version of The Boy and the Crocodile based on the story recounted in Alex Haley's Roots. Soundtrack melody, Tracy Chappell. Percussion , Ron ...

Opening to Roots DVD

I like this opening to the DVD movie Roots by Alex Haley. In a few seconds the sounds and pictures tell the story of what was done to us in slavery. Don't forget!

Roots {The Next Generations} (Episode 1) [1979]

It's now April 1882, 12 years later. Chicken George returns to live with Tom Harvey and his wife Irene. Tom travels to Memphis to attend a Republican convention ...

Roots (2016 Miniseries) Main Theme "Binta's Theme" FULL

The main score running through the entire Roots remake is called “Binta's Theme,” composed by the miniseries executive music producer and The Roots ...